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Product Description

🌰 RICH DARK BROWN COLOR - Experience the natural, deep hues of dark brown that signify the authenticity of pure jaggery.🍯 OPTIMUM SWEETNESS - Indulge in the perfect balance of sweetness, complemented by the delightful notes of caramel, enhancing your culinary creations.🌿 NO CHEMICAL PROCESSING - Pure and unadulterated, our jaggery is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring you savor the goodness of nature.🌾 TRADITIONALLY PREPARED - Crafted with time-honored methods, our jaggery preserves the essence of tradition, adding a touch of heritage to your dishes.🚫 NO ADDED COLOR & PRESERVATIVES - Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our jaggery is free from artificial colors and preservatives, giving you a wholesome and natural sweetening option.🍹 DISSOLVES EASILY - Effortlessly incorporate our jaggery into your recipes as it dissolves seamlessly, making it a convenient and versatile ingredient for your culinary adventures.⚠️ FRIENDLY TIP - While our jaggery is a delightful addition to your recipes, keep in mind that it can cause curdling when added to boiling milk. For the best experience, consider adding it to tea, coffee, or milk after removing it from the heat.

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Pricing Details

GO DESi Jaggery Powder 500g, Gur, Gud, Pure and Natural is available online in India at an offer price of ₹ 99 (60% discount from MRP) on Amazon. Discounted Price: ₹ 99. MRP: ₹ 250. Savings: ₹ 151. Discount: 60 %. Store: Amazon. This deal was updated by snuverma on Mar, 01 2024 at 04:18 pm
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